Sudahkan kamu update software terkini dari silhouette ? baik silhouette Studio atau Silhouette Connect, jika belum segera update sekarang juga, karena ada bugs yang telah diperbaiki dan fitur yang ditambah

klik link dibawah untuk download, lalu install, maka otomatis program lama akan digantikan dengan update terbaru



Catatan dari develepor tentang perbaikan dan fitur yang ditambahkan

V3.1.417 – 4 August 2014

  • PixScan feature (requires PixScan Mat)
  • Kerning default changed to be ON
  • Cutter rollers now displayed as in V2
  • Added scrollbar to Cutting Mats dropdown menu
  • When the page is precisely square, the Portrait/Landscape page orientation icons will now grey out to avoid confusion
  • Where a string of text containing no spaces spans one or more lines, the full justification mode will now space the individual characters out so that the text fills the horizontal width of the line
  • Grid Spacing slider now has maximum value of 100.0mm
  • Standard Cut-Edge thresholds now match that of V2
  • Added option to close the Library Edit Properties panel
  • Preferences Advanced OpenGL settings fixed
  • CTRL+SHIFT+A now performs Deselect All action
  • CTRL+ALT+L now opens the library with the folders list visible
  • Bug fix for CTRL+SHIFT+[ (Send to Back) and CTRL+SHIFT+] (Bring to Front)
  • Bug fix for CTRL+K (Open Preferences shortcut) when pressed multiple times
  • Bug fix for Modify options not being enabled when single group shape selected
  • Bug fix for Shadow panel freezing
  • Bug fix for Preferences Defaults Page Orientation not defaulting to correct orientation
  • Bug fix for Continue using Knife behavior after polyline and curved knife patterns used
  • Bug fix for values displayed in Scale Specify Dimensions fields
  • Bug fix for ability to select independant options under Preferences > Import Options for varying file types
  • Bug fix for displaying the Patterns panel when any bitmap image in the library was selected, even if not a Pattern
  • Bug fix for Rhinestones Draw Rhinestones > Select option not responding in select situations
  • Bug fix for only loading PDF images at 72dpi
  • Improved font handling, including error with multiple font families not displaying properly on select Mac computers
  • Multiple V3 fixes for user event crashes reported
  • Other minor bug fixes


V1.0.634 – 18 August 2014

  • CorelDRAW® X7 support (32/64-bit)
  • Silhouette Connect™ now imports the page size from AI/CDR
  • Bug fix for cut lines appearing to be rotated in select circumstances
  • Bug fix to correct Tangential Emulation mode
  • Bug fix to correct “Registering” status remaining after sucessful registration mark reading
  • Bug fix to correct some cut data outside of the cutting area being sent to be cut
  • Bug fix to resolve pausing during cutting action of larger files
  • Other minor bug fixes
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